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We Are Credit Repair Clubs consists of more than 15 years of experience in the credit restoration sector. During the last 10 years, Credit Repair Clubs has educated the community through television and radio programs. We are known to be fastest credit repair company. One of our programs has become extremely popular because we guarantee the credit score. As long as you follow client responsibilities, if we cannot reach the agreed upon credit score, we will return your money back.





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We have a variety licensed individuals within the finance industry that are equipped to guide you when it comes to any credit repair issue.

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We Are Different Because

We guarantee a score within days. As long as you follow client responsibilities, and if we cannot deliver, we will refund your fee.

Our Services

Credit Repair

If there is something wrong with your credit, we can help you fix it. We help get deletions letters or paid in full in letters.

Credit Improvement

We help you increase your credit score. We have different tools to help you enhance your credit score in days.

Debt Negotiation

We help you negotiate so that you pay less. We also make sure the accounts are reporting correctly on your credit.

Identity Theft

If you identity was stolen, we help you restore it and protect it. We protect your credit by adding alerts to your report.


If you are thinking of doing a BK, we offer you a program where we help you increase your credit to the same person who makes your bankruptcy.

Trade Lines

We help you add positive credit to improve your score. Our trade lines have more than two years of stimulated positive credit.


Save money, time, and headaches. We help you prepare the eviction paperwork. Our evictions do not include the court fee.


If you are getting garnished we help you prepare paperwork to help reduce your monthly payment. If you are having .

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